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KMS REALTY GROUP is a team of dynamic and experienced realtors who provide outstanding service to both buyers and sellers. Kevin Swetsky is Broker and Owner for KMS Realty Group. He began his real estate career after receiving his degree in 1995 from College of Staten Island in Finance. He spent 18 years working for Coldwell Banker while mastering the Staten Island communities.  With knowledge and expertise in hand, Kevin decided to begin KMS realty group with the mission of giving back to the community in which he resides and providing  individual attention to every client  whether they are selling or purchasing a new home. Despite his tremendous success in real estate, Kevin is also proud of his work as a father to his three children.  Whether it is selling your home or your buying your first home, Kevin and his team will be there to guide every step of the process. They are educated about the current markets in Staten Island and utilize the best technology possible to find and list your home. Most importantly, Kevin and his team hold themselves accountable to the community in which they live in.
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Kevin Swetsky
Broker/KMS Realty`s Owner

Mobile: (917)691-8178

Office: (718)605-1090

Aaron Kim San Goh
NYS Licensed Real Estate Saleperson

Mobile: 646.824.7180

Office: 718.605.1090

Nick Swift
Chief Technology Officer

Mobile: (865) 234-5679

Office: (875) 822-3356

Fax: (874) 823-3312

Kathleen Myers
Chief Operating Officer

Mobile: (866) 123-4567

Office: (879) 711-2290

Fax: (879) 712-2291

Donald Lloyd
Chief Analytics Officer

Mobile: (866) 234-5678

Office: (879) 822-3301

Fax: (879) 822-3302

Amanda Reiter
Chief Legal Officer

Mobile: (866) 123-4567

Office: (879) 711-2290

Fax: (879) 711-2291

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